Try the fastest browser for surfing — UC Browser

==> Online videos without waiting. Movies and TV
shows in Speed mode.
==>Fast and stable downloads, thanks to our
powerful servers.
==> Expanding AdBlock,adapted to main websites
and blocks most ads.

Main Features
==>Fast and stable navigation
==> Fast mode
==> Facebook mode
==> Smart downloads
==> Video for all tastes
==> Control Videos with Gestures
==> Night Mode
==> Fast and stable navigation
With UC Browser does not have this history of
"hang". Navigation a good flowing.

==> Fast mode
UC Browser compresses data, speeds up
navigation and saves precious MBs of your
internet package.
==> ADBlock
With helps from our users, UC Browser adBlock
will block out most annoying Ads on Main sites.

==> Facebook mode
This unique feature speeds up Facebook. No
matter the speed of your internet, UC Browser
finds a way to increase the speed.

==> Smart Downloading
Our servers speed up and stabilize downloads. In
addition, if any dropped connections UC Browser
continues downloading from the breakpoint.

==> Video for all tastes
UC Browser will display any movie and TV series!
The menu has categories with videos for all
tastes: the humor, the clips, girls, anime, trailers
and even war films.

==> Control Videos with Gestures
Volume, brightness, progress, etc. can all be
controlled by gestures in UC Browser.

==> Night Mode
Switch to night mode to read more comfortably
at night.
About UCWeb

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