Updated Airtel psiphon cheat

Now, you Guys know about the free Airtel psiphon cheat, if you don't, this is the procedure
1. Just go to psiphon... Use either pro light or download the newest version of psiphon 


Real host as proxy type....
Proxy server :video.ng.airtellive.com...
Real proxy type :default...

Save and connect without any other thing Be sure you clear psiphon data if you have used it for any cheat before or just go to more options and untick connect via http

Note:make sure or Account 0.0k.
Wait for 20sec and enjoy. 


   After that, the data speed was fast at first when the cheat came out but now its slow, so to increase the data speed click this link http://www.applygist.com/2016/07/how-to-tweak-your-data-speed.html?m=1 
  Please remember that this Airtel cheat selects sim, works best on new Sims, use the screen shots to know which one can work for you uuu
Kelvin Alexander

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