How to Enjoy Tweakware Premium Servers

Free premium access to unlimited data on Tweak Ware

How to Enjoy Tweakware Premium Servers
If you're not premium user I get trick for you that will surely work no time

Items Required First download.            

1. Tweakware vpn (Latest 3.3)
2. Busy box
3. Cheat droid Pro.  

To download cheat droid pro, you have to use blacksmart because cheat droid pro is not free on playstore only the cheat droid is free but the PRO version is not free, After completing and having the full requirements above set up, you are now fully ready to follow up.
Then launch your BusyBox application, after successful launching kindly quit it too.
Then launch your cheat droid pro and look for your Tweakware vpn in the application list displayed in the cheat droid pro and click on it.
So a new page will display to you which is server.xml kindly click on it and a new page will display with a box for codes so you will see a default code there kindly delete all the codes in the box and paste this one in it below;
Copy and paste in the box..👇
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><servers><server><serverindex>1</serverindex><servername>Free Server</servername><serverflag>de</serverflag><serverdomain></serverdomain><serverip></serverip></server><server><serverindex>0</serverindex><servername>01 - Free Server</servername><serverflag>ca</serverflag><serverdomain></serverdomain><serverip></serverip></server><server><serverindex>6</serverindex><servername>02 - Free Server</servername><serverflag>nl</serverflag><serverdomain></serverdomain><serverip></serverip></server><server><serverindex>6</serverindex><servername>03 - Free Server</servername><serverflag>uk</serverflag><serverdomain></serverdomain><serverip></serverip></server><server><serverindex>6</serverindex><servername>04 - Free Server</servername><serverflag>us</serverflag><serverdomain></serverdomain><serverip></serverip></server></servers>

After inserting the codes in the box then click on SAVE and you are successfully done.
So you can now use all the tweakware vpn premium servers which was formally Germany, Netherlands, United States E.t.c with unlimited data access
Kelvin Alexander

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