Official Psiphon pro specifically Developed to browse and connect Faster

Applygist Official Psiphon pro specifically Developed to browse and connect Faster  than other Psiphons On Glo--Read For More Info

Applygist Psiphon is mainly a network bypassing tool just like the simpleserver commonly called SS; this tool called Applygist Psiphon is developed by
Applygist blog .
And it is designed in such a way that it evades internet censorship. Applygist Psiphon uses combination of SHH, VPN and HTTP proxy secure communication. Like I said earlier if you have been using some of my free browsing tweaks like the Airtel free unlimited download, Free Etisalat chat pack, Mtn Bis on Android and many other free and cheap browsing tweaks right now, you will get some insight of what this Psiphon really
This tool is designed to automatically switch to another mechanism if one protocol is blocked.
You see that? I called it technical smartness. That is you are secured with it. For example if any network provide discover that you are using this tool to bypass their network and browse freely like in the Etisalat unlimited download, and they decide to block it; this powerful Applygist Psiphon will detect it and automatically switch to a SOCKS proxy over an SHH Tunnel, an SSL Proxy or an HTTP proxy connection.
The main function of Applygist psiphon is for network bypassing and evasion but that cannot deprive it the fact that it doesn't store, associate or make your IP address or any sensitive information from your device visible to any website you visit through it. Once an older server is down or blocked as the case may be, Psiphon switch's to a new one
from the Psiphon Inc.
Note: Applygist Psiphon Pro s is mainly for network bypassing and it gives you free access to any internet page once your consideration and setup is correct. However, it does not in any way guarantee you full protection on your internet privacy and as such, it can't be placed a full 100% trust to keep your privacy confidential. Though it can go a long way in trying to protect and hide your private online identity proxy
Now To the Good part, Applygist Psiphon is Specifically Developed To browse and connect faster With Glo cheat
What's the Glo cheat??
Tick remove port
Real host
Proxy server:
For more info see screen shots bellow

  This is just a little Of what have For Our Fans, More are still Coming
To download Applygist Psiphon Pro click this link;



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Admob Ad unit ID:ca-app-pub-1996429969360604/3615405572
Appnext placement ID:ea8f159b-d1c1-4ed2-baca-4e57f4215493

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