{{HOT}} How To Use Your 20GB oN MTN without Use of VPN

Now this is the question many people are
asking right now.
"How To Use MTN 20gb ,
How to use MTN N25700 airtime". Whether
you are a novice, tweaker, guru, geek, Wizard,
etc you can't use it the normal way or via vpn
just like that. I and some of my friends have
tried and tried many ways but the truth is
this; it can't be used immediately it's
activated on your phone.
Another reason why it can't be used on
Psiphon, Tweakware , Netloop , SynphonShield
or any other VPN app is simply because it
have no proxy server. But how do we use it?
And how can we power all apps with it? Can
we use it on PC? Hmmmm, I will give you a
tip from a someone that claimed he is
currently using it now.
According to the guy simply known as
PMnation, he claimed to have a solution on
how to browse and call with the mtn 20GB
data and N25,700 credit. And here is his
simple trick
Migrate to mtn pulse
Then wait till 24hours (1day)
After 24hours, turn on your data
like a chairman and start
browsing, or start calling as the
case may be. That's just it. No
tweaking, no special settings. It's
as simple as ABC
According to him, he activated the plan
yesterday and today he is currently blazing it.
So if you are interested, you can try this trick
and hopefully have a cause to smile

Kelvin Alexander

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