How to Bypass Paywalls and Other Blocked sites using this free Google Proxy Servers

Applygist Readers!! Are you finding some sites too NAGGY!! Use this trick to Acess those sites 100% FREE 

How to Bypass Paywalls and Other Blocked sites

Guys , The Internet is so beautiful dont you think So?? However we have lots of Websites behaving hardcore, and hard to access, and as our regular Goal on this website, we aim to see that everything on the internet is free and accessible to you , Both free Data, Software Cracks, VPN Apps, Psiphon Turnneling etc.  Using Google proxy servers.
Whether you work at a place that blocks a bunch of web sites, or you can’t access a page because it’s behind a paywall,  shows you how to use a couple Google proxy servers to get around those restrictions.

Google has a set of servers that you can trick to let you use them to get around web site blocks. For example, their Google Modules service can be used simple by typing in:
This operates just like a proxy and routes your traffic to wherever you want to go. It’s a pretty easy way to get around blocks without doing much work. 
So simply Change to the website you so wish to access.
How to Bypass Paywalls and Other Blocked sites

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