How to Recover your Damaged SD Card in 5 Easy Steps using CMD

Steps To recover all your Damaged SD Card in less than 10 Minutes.

 Hello Applygist Readers, 
Today, i will teach you a very simple technique which i learnt from an emergency problem I encountered.

I was surfing with my Mobile phone, Android, suddenly i had to switch it off, i did not wait for my Phone to finish Shutting Down before i just forced the battery out. After i had finished what i was doing on my computer, i gladly switched on my Android phone Itel it-1403, I was disappointed when  my phone prompted that muy SD Card was Damaged. I got annoyed and tried cleaning ti by rubbing it on my hair (NEVER MIND ME ), RE-Inserted it into my phone it still refused to show anything,

I bought a Card reader to see if i could scan it to my PC and Clear Viruses, My Antivirus said there was nothing.
But the moment i inserted it, thy PC pop-up telling me the SDCard is damaged and asked if i want to format it. This I Cancelled, 

I browsed the internet and found a FAST solution to DAMAGED SD CARD USINF CMD PROMPT. 
Dont worry if you are not a computer guru or Geek, I WILL show you very simple steps to recover that damaged sd card 

 1. Insert your sdcard into a CARD READER:  You should know what a card reader is , its a simple tool which you can use to insert an SDCARD into, which will enable you read your memory card on PC.  Now after inserting your memory card into the card reader, or u have a large SDCard already NON-Removable, this is all the same.

2. Observe the name assigned to your sd card :  Usually it reads with letters like I/ E/ R/ F/ G/ C/ Just Observer what the letter is given to your SdCard,  Because we need this letter to recover our Damaged Sd Card.  

3. Now open CMD Command Prompt on your PC: For me, i used a Windows 7, and all i needed to so was just to click on the Windows Start Logo, found at the extream left Conner of your PC Screen , and the search box will open, Just use your head to identify how to search for items on your PC be it windows, MAC, Linux or whatever.

Type CMD  on the search box, and the cmd axe or application will show, simply right click and run as Administrator, to so this, place mouse on the CMD app, left click and Run as Administrator option will show there, please use your head to reason this out....

4. Type the following commands and Allow CMD to recover your sdcard free and easy.

Its time to fix  your corrupt memory card from here.

Now inside your cmd, type ==>  "chkdsk"  (please dont type with " " just type chkdsk)   followed by the drive letter corresponding to the SD card, As i said before note the letter assigned to your sd card on pc , then by a colon and /f. After you press "enter",

EXAMPLE: If your SDCARD was showing with the letter e on your system just like my own, then you should type something like this ==> chkdsk e:/f 

note that there is only one space immediately after typing chkdsk . then no space after e:


 the Chkdsk will check for possible errors and try to fix the corrupt SD card. 

5. If you see this as result, then congratulations its fixed 

After the scan, PLEASE PLEASE  Eject your sdcard first before removing it from the pc you can PRESS Shift + esc keys then remove your sd card 

Insert your Sdcard into your Phone or PC once more and your Files will be live and Active .


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