SCAM- Google celebrates 18th birthday today

Google celebrates 18th birth
September 27
World Largest Search engine Engine today lays a remark on the sands of History!!! They cheerfully celebrates  History... I wonder what the world will be without Google

  • Search content from a specific website
  • Search with missing letters or words
  • Find similar websites
  • Find definitions
  • Calculate conversions
  • Calculate sums
  • Check flights

  • Check for movie showtimes
  • Find out world times
  • Do a barrel roll

However, not even Google seems to really know when it was formed. Since 2006, it has celebrated its birthday on September 27, but the year before that, had it as September 26. In 2004, its 6th birthday Doodle went online on September 7 and in the year before that, it was September 8

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