Secrete- Etisalat launches mobile 4G LTE joins glo, and mtn

Etisalat Nigeria mobile Giant Etisalat, has
launched its mobile 4G Long Term Evolution
(4G LTE) service.
The Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria,
Matthew Willsher, disclosed that the latest
offering demonstrates Etisalat Nigeria's
unwavering commitment to deliver superior
customer experience to its subscribers.
"The 4G LTE technology offers customers
increased access to high speed data and
quality voice services real time. With the
new technology, our customers will enjoy
efficient broadband internet and
uninterrupted connectivity to clearer voice
calls, increased access to online streaming
and ultra-high definition videos", he said.
Willsher revealed further that the Etisalat 4G
LTE service offers a seamless experience
because unlike other GSM networks, Etisalat
customers do not have to go through the
inconvenience of executing a SIM swap
before they can enjoy 4G LTE since all
Etisalat SIMs are already LTE enabled. He
noted in addition that Etisalat's 4G LTE
network supports the widest range of LTE
devices so many subscribers can
immediately enjoy the benefits of LTE.
Speaking on the significance of the new
service, Willsher said the launch of the
latest service was an important milestone for
both Etisalat and the telecommunication
industry in Nigeria because the benefits of
the new 4G LTE which include clearer voice
calls, increased access to faster and
qualitative internet service and great value
for money, are fundamental to achieving
inclusion in the fast-growing global digital
"We are in a knowledge-based economy and
more than ever before, efficient
telecommunication is being globally
acknowledged as an enabler of economic
and social growth. For us at Etisalat, our
passion is to be at the forefront of
promoting a vibrant economy for Nigeria by
leading the digital revolution. Hence, the 4G
LTE service that we have just launched
reaffirms our commitment to this cause", he
Willsher was delighted that the launch of the
4G LTE service will significantly impact the
achievement of the objectives of the
Nigerian National Broadband Plan which
amongst other things seeks to promote
pervasive broadband deployment and
increased broadband adoption and usage as
a major enabler of national economic

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