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 Top Popular Fabrics For Clothing

If you’re into fashion or crafts, you have probably already noticed how one type of fabric can be far different from another and which fabric looks and feels best in a particular kind of clothing. Today we’ll dig deeper into fabric types, their pros and cons, and where to shop for fabrics to save time and money.


Silk belongs to natural fabrics and is known for its streamlined look and luxurious feel. Genuine silk has always been more expensive compared to most other materials, but if you have just one pure silk dress or shirt, you know that the pleasure from wearing silk is worth every penny. Today silk is mostly used in women’s fashion and home textile production
Pros: natural fabric, luxury feel, soft structure.
Cons: price, difficult to care for.


One of the most common fabrics we see every day is, undoubtedly, cotton. Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes, underwear, home textile - look around and you’ll probably see a couple of cotton items. However, it doesn’t mean that cotton can’t be fancy: cotton fashion includes admirable gowns and practical yet beautiful everyday clothes.
Pros: natural origin, a variety of uses, durability.
Cons: can wear out with time, isn’t widely used in high fashion.


Knit fabrics have always been in demand, but today the variety of knits is astonishing. Generally, knit fabric is used in any piece of clothing that requires substantial stretch, which is now there is an endless range of knit T-shirts, tops, longsleeves, pencil skirts, tight-fitting dresses, and other popular types of clothing. Knit fabrics can be both lightweight and medium weight.
Pros: extremely versatile, easy to work with.
Cons: can be hard to care for, prone to stretches.


When it comes to practical fabrics, polyester is ahead of the competition. Introduced in the mid-20th century, polyester is now used in any type of clothes imaginable, from sports jerseys to fancy dresses. Polyester was created with the sole purpose of being durable, so you can expect your polyester clothes to withstand the influence of time and look the same for decades.
Pros: affordable, enduring, very easy to care for.
Cons: often looks cheap, doesn’t feel light or breathable on the body.

Where to buy fabrics

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