Steps On How to Download Any Facebook Video

It seems FacebookYouTube and Google are brothers, when it comes to streaming online.

I believe you all know that Google is the owner of YouTube but I don't know what's wrong with Facebook.
They can never allow you to download any video from them but to watch it directly, which is really a big f*ck up.
Few months ago I published a post on how to Download YouTube videos, but today I will be sharing with you all a simple
URL manipulation method of downloading Facebook videos.
How can I Download any facebook video ?

First You have to change the url by
changing www. to m. in the
facebook url, at almost the top of your browser.
(example if the url was "https://
then you need to change it to "https://
After adding m. in the beginning,
reload the page and it will appear in the mobile format, then proceed.
Click to play the video, and once it starts playing right click open the video and select “Save video as..”
Alternatively you can copy the video link then place it HEREthen click on Download
this will download the video to your
One of these will surely work for you.
My next post will be all about the few working free browsing cheats so stay tuned.

Author Kelvin Alexander

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