TOP 5 Google Pixel Cases

HAVE YOU, OR DO YOU PLAN ON GETTING THE NEW Google Pixel Smart Phone? Check this Top Cases.

For those who Plans on Buying the Google Pixel Phone, Why not add some accessories so we're ready to go when it's delivered. 
A case is the most basic accessory — some use one every day, and others keep one around for when they travel or expect to be a little rough on the phone.

Best Cell Phones:- buy Google's Pixel and Pixel XL

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Silicone Pixel Case by Google

If you're willing to spend a little bit of money on a case, there's no better place to go than the phone maker itself. Google's own cases have never been inexpensive, but they're also well made and designed to perfectly fit on the phone.

The silicone Pixel Case is somewhat thick like other full silicone cases, but for that reason offers plenty of protection all around for bumps and occasional small drops. It also gives you a small lip around the screen so you can put the phone face-down on a table without worry. Because of that thickness it may not be the best case for the already larger Pixel XL, though. It's a nice fit on the standard Pixel.

Google Places Live Case

Google debuted its awesome Places Live Case for the Nexus 6P and 5X, and now offers it for the new Pixels. Search for anywhere in the world you want to put on the case, choose from six different map styles and a dozen different color combinations, and you can make an awesome case you won't want to take off.
The case also gives you two extra perks. A unique Places live wallpaper is included, which shows you a stylized view of your current location — a neat trick that pulls the whole thing together. The case also has a customizable button on the back that you can do whatever you want with, helping justify the price a tad.

At $40 they're spendy for sure, but you can know that nobody out there will have the exact same case you do — and you get to represent a specific part of the world wherever you travel at the same time! At the time of writing the cases aren't yet in production, but you can already create and save your case design for when they are on sale.

LK Ultra Scratch Resistant TPU case

Because it's so early in the Pixel life cycle, case makers are still ramping up their offerings and most are pretty much identical. If you're not interested in the expensive cases directly from Google (we wouldn't blame you), it's worth taking a shot with one of the cheaper simple offerings out there to tide you over.

LK has a simple transparent TPU case available in several colors. It'll protect your new Pixel or Pixel XL while you make up your mind about a nicer case or a different style, and it's just $8 — hard to beat that combo.


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