Top 6 Tricks to understand your social audience

How Publishers Can Adapt to an Audience that Lives on Social

ChartBeat is a website where Users can Learn a lot About the Social Media and Social Significance. 
From the best time to post to the truth about engagement, Chat Beat got the data you need to understand your social audience.

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 Understand Your Social Audience

    Understanding and leveraging your data on social visitors can be tricky. When is the best time to promote on social channels? How often will your social visitors return?

    With social being the second most significant source of traffic that we measure, putting that data to work is also necessary in order to monetize your social audience. Using insights and experiences aggregated from some of the top publishers in the game, we're giving you a complete guide to getting to know your social visitors, along with tips to get you using that data like a pro.


    1. Tricks to understand your social audience
    2. Social visitor behavioral trends and preferences
    3. How to optimize content to increase social engagement

    5. How to leverage distributed content platforms
    6. When to post and how to increase social recirculation
     With These, you will be able to understand your social audience

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