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What’s the best way to buy an iPhone?

There are lots of great options for purchasing an iPhone. Whether you buy from Apple, a carrier, or another retailer, finding the best option for you really comes down to a few simple questions. Let’s break it down.

Do you prefer to pay all at once or over time?

Reasons to pay all at once
One payment and you’re done.

You can choose your carrier and switch at any time.
You can upgrade whenever you want, without having to pay off a balance.
Reasons to pay over time
You pay in installments, often with 0% interest and no money down.
You can choose a payment plan that works for you.
There are many plans that let you upgrade to a new iPhone every year.

Do you have a smartphone to trade in?

With Apple and some carriers, you can get a credit of up to $250 per device to use toward the purchase of a new iPhone.* So you’ll save money whether you pay all at once or over time.

Get up to $315 in credit toward a new iPhone.

It’s easy. Just trade in your eligible smartphone, and then use the credit to lower the full cost of a new iPhone or to reduce the monthly payments with your carrier.1


Do you want a simple way to get a new iPhone every year?

Apple and many carriers offer convenient plans that make it easy for you to get a new iPhone every year.

Whether you’re buying or upgrading at the Apple Store, here’s what you’ll need to bring.

Your carrier information.
If you currently have a wireless account, be sure to bring along your password and any other relevant account information.
Your personal information and credit card.
You will be asked to provide your Social Security number and date of birth for a credit check. You will also need a valid U.S. credit card. Debit cards and prepaid cards are not accepted.
Two forms of identification.
You’ll need valid primary and secondary forms of ID, and the first and last names on both must match.
View acceptable forms of ID
Your current mobile phone.
If you’re enrolling in the iPhone Upgrade Program for the first time, remember to back up your data to your computer or iCloud, and take note of your Apple ID. If you're upgrading, you’ll need to bring your current iPhone with you to trade in during your appointment. If it’s not in good condition, you may need to pay an incident fee to have it repaired.


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  1. After several years of using Android phones, my overheating, laggy mess of a Galaxy s6 has me wanting to run back to the loving bosom of Apple.
    I'm looking for a phone that's reliable (i need to use navigation a lot for work), doesn't tend to overheat or lag, and ideally is fairly rugged. I'd play a few games and watch a bit of netflix on my phone while travelling, but it'll mostly be used as a phone/navigation.
    I've been looking at the 6 Plus, but don't have any direct experience with it as everyone I know has the smaller model. My main concern is that I can't afford to buy a phone outright at the moment, so I'll be on a 2 year contract. Obviously I don't have a burning need for the latest technology, but I do worry about a loss of support/necessary updates etc that will make me regret my choice in a year or so. Like I said I've been away from Apple for about 5 years now so I don't know what support for older phones is like now. If I would buy used, it would probably be here https://www.getorchard.com/us/iphone-6-Plus-for-sale/ but also welcome to any other suggestions. :)
    Many thanks for any insight!


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