How to force free browsing cheats work on Android and PC VPN

How to Force your Free Browsing Cheat to Work on Android Server Apps 


The most Working Free Browsing Apps are  Tweak Ware, or Psiphon  Handler. Tweak Ware Works Perfectly in the Midnight while Psyphon is an All Time Bad guy who will connect anywhere anytime if you face any problem always

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1. Go to your Phone Settings
2. Click More
3. Go to Mobile Network
4. Select the Network you want to use,
5. Select Access Point


6. Click on the network eg MTN NG NOT the MMS Section
7. Now Go to Proxy
Either Use Port 8080
8. Clear All those Sections and Leave them Blank
9. Just Tap on Save and go Back to your Tweaking App eg ( Simple Server, Psiphon, Tweak ware or Whatever )
10. Disconnect and Exit the App
11. Switch Your Phone Into Air flight Mode or Just Disable Data or You can remove Battery and Reboot Phone
12. Finally connect and It will connect immediately
You don't need to remove Battery again when it disconnect simple go and  change Network Proxy in Step 6  Back to Port 8080
if it misbehave again go and Clear that Session.....

This is how i have been forcing My Gadgets Work for my free Browsing 24 7 especially on PC using Simple Server BBLited.

Hope this Makes Sense You can just Visit My blog and Comment i will Respond on Any Cheat

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