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About NetLoop

Finally, the latest version of the simple android server has been rebranded to Netloop VPN application. However, the application now comes with proxy server and free VPN, unlike the usual simple android server you pay to use the VPN features. According to the developer of the application, it’s stated that the VPN of the Netloop VPN isn’t a full featured VPN, as it’s integrated for the purpose of tunneling. So don’t expect it to function as security focused VPN application
 With the Netloop VPN application, free browsing gets to work at great speed; you can enjoy the MTN 0.0kb tweak and MTN BIS, etisalat tweak and any other working free browsing trick using Netloop VPN application

VPN features:
• HTTP request Compression.
•Ability to modify TCP connection parameters.
• Ability to use hotspot over VPN ( Requires root )
•Ability to use multiple concurrent connections to the VPN servers for the best Network usage experience
Local server features:
•modify outgoing requests.
•specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
•provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses
•ability to choose number of connections to be maintained by the app (good for power management)
•ability to share configurations through any file transfer method.
•System wide proxy service

With the usage of Hotspot over VPN, you can be able to tunnel other devices. However, it’s recommended to root your device to gain access to that feature.

  Where to download Netloop VPN Application?

The Netloop VPN application is available on Google playstore.

 The configuration aspect of this tweak is pretty easy, just follow the normal procedure you normally use when setting up the android simple server. Firstly,  
  and follow the full configuration settings are as described below.

  • tick Enable Proxy
  • Proxy host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080
  • Enable header tweaking
  • Choose tweak type: Injection
  • Inject query/url: http://mobie.
  • Inject Host: mobile.
  •  Injection line: press enter 4 times
  • Now go back to the android simple server main menu, and tap “Local server settings”
  • buffer size: 8092
  • Concurren connection: 10
  • Go to log lelevel and select “DEBUG”.
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