Settings for latest Mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing via psipon Netify VPN

 Mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing via psipon Netify VPN



Open your Psiphon Vpn, (for those using Netify VPNand Syphon shield- it is the same settings).
Use the below settings
- Tick *remove port*

Proxy type : Real Host
Proxy server :
Real proxy type : HTTP
Real proxy Server:
Real proxy port : 8080
Save it and click on *More Options*
Set with the below settings.
Tick - *Connect through HTTP…………*
- use the following settings
Host address -
Port - 8080
Settings for the Latest working proxy servers for Mtn 0.0k unlimited free browsing for Netloop Vpn
open your  NETLOOP VPN and set connection modeto local server.
click on connection settings
proxy host =>
port => 8080
tweak type => host replacement
Injection host =>
thats all, connect and start surfing unlimitedly.

Note- this is a free browsing cheat, so we cant escape the disadvantage of it,
when you try connecting it for the first time, it may not connect, so all you have to do is to off and on your data and connect it again. continue doing it like this until it finally connect.
if you have any other complain or question, kindly use the comment box

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