The Secret Guide To Amazon's Raspberry Pi Guide which Lets Coders Use Alexa

Fascinating Amazon's Raspberry Pi Guide Lets Coders Use Alexa Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

One Word: Amazon's Raspberry Pi Guide Lets Coders Use Alexa
Applygist readers who have been following this Thread can attest to the fact that Amazon has published an online guide explaining how to access its virtual assistant Alexa via a Raspberry Pi.
The technique is set to presents a lower cost alternative to buying one of its Echo devices  which are not yet available outside of the US and an incentive to gain computer skills.
The walkthrough includes access to the necessary app data and certificates in order to link the budget computer up to the tech giant's servers and this to we tech Blogger is a huge plus and  experts welcomed the initiative.
The Raspberry Pi pocket-sized computer was designed by a British charity to encourage children and others to learn how to write computer programs. More than eight million units have been sold or given away.
Amazon says that users require at least the second-generation model, released in February 2015, as well as:
  • a plug-in USB microphone
  • a MicroSD card
  • an ethernet cable
  • a wi-fi wireless adapter
  • a mouse, keyboard and screen
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Most Raspberry Pi owners would already own most if not all of these add-ons.
The coding involved is limited to typing in sets of commands, but the guide explains the purpose of each one.
Users also need to register for an Amazon Developer Account, which they can get for free.
Rik Cross, from the UK's after school Code Club initiative, described it as an "interesting project", but added that parents should be aware of the privacy implications involved.

"It's important to remember that this data could be captured and stored by Amazon, in the same way that any website can store the data provided," he told the BBC.
"However, with the Raspberry Pi version, communication is via a button press, and so this serves as a much more 'active' way of interacting with the service, rather than a service that 'passively' listens to all your nearby conversations, as is the case with the Echo."
In addition,  
Amazon's Alexa service can be used to 
  • stream music
  • provide weather and news updates
  • create lists and answer general knowledge questions.
The online retailer was relatively late to the field  just after  Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google's Now services.
But the firm has sought to make Alexa popular by allowing third-party developers to offer the facility. An internet connection is required because Amazon's own data centers do the processing required for the voice recognition and other artificial intelligence tasks involved.

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