Latest Renewable Unlimited 150MB From MTN psiphon

Browse Unlimited With The Latest And Renewable 150MB

Majority of us has switched back to using music plus 150 megabyte and Game Data (more info below) but I want you all to hold on to what ever you're using for now and please manage this one below pending when next we have any better or something you can add to it to have a nice and wonderful browsing experience. 

Unlimited 150MB

This server is suppose to be the return of MTN 0.0 but somehow its Unlimited for some people while for some people it's just 150MB 
Configure your VPN tunneling app like this ==>

Renewable MTN MBlog 150MB
This service was recently lunched by MTN to advertise the blogs of a webmaster in your area and they are dishing out 150MB for this service. You can instantly subscribe for this service after exhausting your first data.
To subscribe Dial MBW to 50017

Configure Netify VPN, Psiphon, NetLoop VPN (Simple Server) As Follows

Proxy Type:→ Real Host
Proxy Server:→ http://
Real proxy Type→ inject
Proxy port→ 8080 
>Save, > Tunnel whole device mode
Advanced Option Settings
Host address:→
Port:→ 8080

Connect and start browsing. 
After exhausting your MB text stop mbw to 50017 to cancel then repeat the step above to subscribe again to continue your Unlimited surfing.
Happy browsing, and please share with your friends.
Kelvin Alexander

Share This USA, LLC


  1. not working... please do try to check your cheats before posting.. am a fan of this site buh your cheats ain working.... please add me to your group 08162532502

  2. it only connect the first day here

  3. but the next day it connect and disconnect immediately


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