TELUS cheapest Home Phone plans- cheap home phone plan

Cheapest home phone plan- TELUS Home Phone plans are flexible to your needs. Choose a plan that's right for you.

Read Telus 9 Calling Features cheap home phone plan

Protect your Privacy
Call Display

View the name and number of an incoming caller.
Call Reveal- cheap home phone plan
Request PRIVATE or UNKNOWN callers to unblock their number. Call Display required.
Call Screen
Send calls from pre-selected numbers to a standard recording.

Control your calls
Call Forwarding
Redirect calls to another number, local or long distance, that you can change at any time.
Call Waiting
Get an alert when you receive an incoming call while you're on the phone.
Smart Ring
Add a second number with a distinctive ring to your existing phone line.


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Enjoy more freedom

Never worry about missing a call when you can't answer or you're away.
Call Return cheap home phone plan
Trying to reach someone but their line is busy? Get connected when the line is free.From $3 per use, if not your primary calling feature.
3 way calling
Easily add a third caller to your existing call.From $3 per use, if not your primary calling feature

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