Meaning and Features of "MyEtisalat" App + Download Links

MyEtisalat is a newly introduced self-service platform designed to help Etisalat customers access all the services and functions provided by the network as well as help them tackle most of the issues they may encounter on their Etisalat line without the need of calling customer care or the need to text or dial codes.

According to the Chief Product and Information Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Otuyemi Otule, who highlighted the desire Etisalat has in satisfying her subscribers also continued with below statements:


✔ Customers can view the package they are subscribed to and also add plans, remove plans or move across plans with the self-service platform.
✔ At the click of a button, customers can buy airtime and data with a variety of payment options including their naira debit cards. This is particularly important, as it saves customers the stress of having to hunt for recharge cards especially in an emergency.
✔ The app provides security options for customers’ number, so if they lose their device, customers can easily use MyEtisalat self-service to block their numbers remotely.
✔ Etisalat customers can manage several numbers with the same app. This makes airtime transfer and data transfer much easier.
✔ MyEtisalat makes it easier to monitor airtime and data usage.
✔ Download MyEtisalat App Apk for Android users From Playstore
✔ Download MyEtisalat App for iPhone users &
✔ Download MyEtisalat App for iPad users on Apple Store
Yes! Whether you download the app or not, you can still access the self-service platform on the web using your favorite web browser. To do this, you just need to login to
This platform is really cool and it will surely save you a whole of time of endless calling of Etisalat customer care representatives which takes forever for them to answer in most cases. Remember that MTN also have similar app called MyMTN App

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